PN532 NFC Library [PORTED]


That seems still wrong

I think I have told the correct pin assignment several times in this thread, but to prove my point have a look in the docs.


and so with a rather convoluted twist; I now have

PHOTON -> NFC Sheild
3v3 - > VCC
D3 - > RSTO
D2 -> IRQ
D1 -> SCL
D0 -> SDA

In the readMifareclassic it at least tells me the ID of the Tag;

Im curious then as to why the Photon/Library requires more pins connected, and where it details in the Library this connection setup. On the adruino I have the setup running from Four Pins from the GND/VCC/SDA/SCL and I can extract the text from a NFC Tag ,

next step on this Journey is to find the nfc calls in the library to fetch back the text from the tags.


It could be that the example of the NFC Tag read I am using for the Arduino is a different Library to this one; I note the presence of Wire and pn532_spi which is different to the provided code I see here;


Have you read this part of my post?
The suggestion to add the extra pins was a step towards a solution, once you know it works, you can start back-tracking to where the issue crept in.

  1. I’d remove the reset wire, then see if it still works
  • if not, you’ve got your culprit and need to find why
  • if yes, you can just leave it away
  1. I’d remove the IRQ wire, then see if it still works
  • if not, you’ve got the culprit and need to find why
  • if yes, you are where you want to be and have found that your original wiring in combination with your code was the sole reason.

You’d need to clarify where you “note the presence” and what “here” means in "I see here"
The library provided via Build is supporting SPI and I2C, the user just needs to decide which way he wants to use it.


I have indeed noted the comments about the pins I noted them several times until I understood that no matter how many times I pointed out that the previously posted photos I demonstrated the NFC Reader working with 4 wires that I couldnt seem to get it to work.

Since then I have forked the library ElecHouse as that is the the one which works with just 4 wires from the Shield. I’m going to see if I can get the Photon working with that library to work as it does with the arduino; Cheers for your Help Scruffr; I had posted the example code from the Arduino library working in the previous album :


In deed you did mention that the board was found with four wires, but you also commented on not being able to read the data off the card

If you notice the wrong pin assignment here, this might indicate that finding the board is possible with twisted pins, but reading data is not - hence my suggestion still stands, back-tracking might have shown that that lib still works.

But since you already got a solution, that’s fine too.


Sorry, can elechouse PN532 NFC write NFC tags with NDEF formatted?
i already try to use many library, but nothing happened and i always get same problem “didn’t find PN532 board”.
Thank you for the answer.


I’ve just started my nfc project.

Is it possible to connect an Adafruit PN532 Shield to a Adafruit Feather M0 WiFi (ATSAMD21)?

I assume that I have to use SPI for that.

Can somebody explain what do I need to do?


@abYss, this forum is for Particle devices (Photon and Electron). You should be able to follow the instructions for Adafruit’s PN532 to get its library and the required wiring. The PN532 uses SPI which is available on the Feather. Beyond this, I can’t really help you since I am not familiar with the Feather devices. You may want to post your question in the Adafruit forum :grinning:



I’ve bought the elechouse PN532 V3 board and have connected it to my Photon using I2C. Included the Adafruit_PN532 library in Particle build and used the readMifareClassic.cpp example. The board is found ok, but no tags are read. Or actually, once I got a tag to register, but then never again. Very frustrating! Any ideas? Any help would be much appreciated!

This is my hardware setup if it helps!



Have you tried powering the device off Vin?

On-board level shifter, Standard 5V TTL for I2C and UART, 3.3V TTL SPI


Thanks!! Sometimes it is hard to read instructions… Changing to VIN makes things a lot better, but not perfect. I’d say that I get a successful reading about every other time from a distance between 0-3 cm. According to specs it should be possible to read tags från 5-7 cm. This is using the flat circular tag and the credit card tag provided with the reader. My short empirical study says the credit card version works a little bit better than the circular tag.

But more importantly, and the reason why I bought the PN532, I have an NXP NTAG216 implant in my hand between my thumb and index finger. I got this done a couple of months ago and now I am trying to build something that will actually read it. I first tried with an MFRC522 board which worked just fine with the Photon (through SPI) and read the ordinary tags mentioned above without problems (actually better than currently with the PN532). However only got it to read my NTAG216 once. Which is not good enough of course.

Looking around I found the PN532 on which specifically states that it is compatible with the NTAG216. Great I figured and bought it. But so far no success. I haven’t got it to read my implant tag at all and I feel that it works intermittently with the others. Does anyone have any idea how to “boost power”, increase range or something to make it more reliable and able to get the signal through my thick skin!? :slight_smile:

Or if not, does anyone have any alternatives that might work better? I found a good post from someone who built his own antenna, only I feel it is a little bit too hard core for me, a mere software developer who happens to like electronics (when it works!). Post at

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks for your time!

BTW. The implant tag works as I can read and write to it from my Samsung Galaxy S7. Only it is not easy and I have to keep moving my hand around for around 5-10 seconds every time before I find the phone’s sweet spot. Better than my experiments, but still not good enough.


Hey, was anybody able to make it work with Microchip PIC32MX? All I found was libraries using arduino or raspberry pie.


hi. i need help with elechouse pn532 with Rpi 3b



Can you specify what is the issue that are you encountering with more information so that we can give you suggestions?