Plans for Webhooks in 2021

Are there any upgrades planed for webhooks in 2021 such as new webhook variables or customer focused, etc?

There are no major changes to webhooks planned at this time.

A better question might be: what exact features would you like to see? For example, which specific variable is missing that you would find useful.

Hi Rick,
it’s great that you ask.

One variable that will be cool to have is the device owner, so when receiving data points from many devices from a specific product, the device owner can be received in the webhook. This can enable storing these data points under a particular user right away (think Firebase read/write rules and protecting the data from other users, for instance), without the receiving end needing to make an API call to Particle to find out the owner of each device. At scale, this can get expensive.


+1 for @gusgonnet wehbook recommendations

I would also like to see device name variable and some customer webhooks such as new customer created, customer claimed device, etc.

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