Device Name Webhook pre-defined variable

Is there a predefined webhook variable for the assigned name of a device? Having to query the cloud from the device creates more transactions. While on the subject, it seem that most fields already captured in the console would be valuable to have via pre-defined variables.

Since the plan pricing now have costs associated with each call to the cloud, it presents issues of scale.


The name of the device is not a pre-defined webhook variable.

It’s a reasonable request, but because of the way the webhook service is designed, it doesn’t currently know which variables are actually used so it must populate all of them, and it would require an additional database transaction on the back-end to get it on every webhook, which would not be efficient.

The most common workaround is to implement name caching on the service that is handling the webhook. It can call the Particle Cloud API to get the device names periodically, and that does not use data operations.

If you want to pass it in the event from the device, the DeviceNameHelperRK library can store the name in EEPROM or a file on the flash (Gen 3) so it doesn’t need to be retrieved as often, saving data operations.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Yes, I saw the DeviceNameHelperRK library in the documentation. I was just making sure there wasn’t some more variables added that I could not find.

I understand that Particle also has to consider changes on a much larger scale. I thought that since the Product UserID and Firmware version were added, it wouldn’t be that much of a system burden to add some more valuable fields.

I’ll take a look at the library.


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