PID auto tuning for a slow System

Hey guys,
I am using the PID library and the PID-AutoTune library to tune a system which is slow temperature monitoring system. It takes about 1 and half hours to get to set temperature.

When I am using the library it stops tuning after a few minutes and set the variables.
I have basically changed nothing in the library and using the example in the library to tune it. I have change the input ( to my temp probe) , setpoint to my target temp , the output to my heatsource and the gain values to my manual tune values.

To those who have used the library previously could you give any input into how I could tackle this situation.

Thanks in advance

What tuning parameters are you giving your system on the scale aggressive to conservative?

When you say ‘slow temperature system’ can you explain this a bit more. How long would you expect or want the system to get to the set temperature?

Could you post the application code you are using - it helps others to understand or spot things that are wrong.