Photons from the dead?


Is there a way to bring a Photon back from the dead? Normally, I just leave broken parts in their grave, but of the forty that I purchased for my lab seven are dead. All of their deaths were caused by reversing voltage, too much voltage or applying power to the wrong pins. Part of learning in my shop involves making mistakes and producing blue smoke, but these devices seem slightly more sensitive than most.

If the problem is just a broken component on the board we have the wherewithal to replace it. Just wanted to get a recommendation on how to asses the problem.

Engineering and Robotics
Medford Vocational Technical High School

If you can power the device via the 3v3 pin changes are that you only blew the 5v->3.3V regulator which should be fairly easy to replace.
If powering via 3v3 does not work chances are slim. To further assess (don’t forget the final "s" in that word ;-)) the magnitude of the damage more data is needed (what does the device do).