Photon2 BLE stalls as central device when peripheral dies

I'm using a PHOTON2 in the central role to connect to a peripheral. This works great all day long. Now I'm testing some fault scenarios. If I reset the external peripheral I can see that my onDisconnect callback is called and the Log.Info also says connection was lost.

However, peer.connected() still returns TRUE. Even if I close the connection it still returns TRUE. This now causes my loop() to stall since I'm still calling BLE functions and eventually the PHOTON2 self resets.

Note: I am doing all BLE operations in the loop(). Only flags and Log.Info calls are made in any callback.
Anyone have any insight? I'm using OS 5.6.0.

EDIT: When I reset the peripheral I get this message in Log.Info:
[wiring.ble] TRACE: Disconnected by remote device.
After this my loop stalls since peer.connected() is still true. I tried gracefully shutting down the connection after this via a flag from the onDisconnect() callback, but the peer.conencted() still returns true. I looks like an expected disconnnect messes up the BLE stack.

EDIT2: I ran it on an Argon with OS 4.0.1 and it behaved properly. I could gracefully lose connection and re-open once I powered peripheral back.

EDIT3: I ran it on a Boron with OS 4.0.2 and it behaved properly. I could gracefully lose connection and re-open once I powered peripheral back.

NOTE: OS versions 4.1.0/4.2.0/5.6.0 all have this fragmentation issue.

Hi, what if you force the disconnect yourself when this function gets called?
I mean, set a flag, and from loop() you disconnect. You'll need to refactor your code so it checks this flag instead of peer.connected()

PS: I do not know what peer.connected() would return true. Maybe there's a timeout at play here?

Did that - no joy. Released OS Versions 4.x.x work great. 5.6.0 not so much. BTW easy to reproduce.
I'll stick to version OS 4.1.0 for now. It does have the packet fragmentation single byte loss issue as I've described, but luckily that loss does not affect me.
Thanks for your reply!

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It might help with some code. As said, works properly on 4.x versions, but drops a byte on a fragmented BLE message.

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