Photon with Mini NFC Board

Hi all,

I know there is a huge thread about the Core with NFC, which I tried to digest, but I am hoping that some community leader quickly summarize the best approach of hooking up the latest Photon to a Mini NFC board like this:

It’s the PN532 Chip with I2C enabled by default.

For my project, besides the mini NFC board above, I have a few requirements:

  • I need to read Mifare Ultralight / NTAG 206 tags. Not Mifare Classics. Is ther an example out there that I missed?
  • I want to read the ID and potentially the NDEF-encoded content. Is there a ready to use library to deserialize the NDEF format into the bits and pieces?
  • Are the 10k resistors to VIN really really required? I am assuming that the board has these already (the Mini NFC board). Can someone tell?

Thx a lot!!!

@hansamann, you may need to dig around for a suitable library. You may want to look at Adafruit’s tutorial on their PN532 board.

I can’t help you with the examples besides the ones supplied by Adafruit but for the 10K resistors, if you look at your board’s schematics, there are level shifters on both the SCL and SCA lines so yes, you need the pull-ups to Vin. :smile: