Photon with many pins

Hi there,

I’ve just begin learning robotics and we’ve been using a Photon microcontroller in class. My project needs something with a lot more pins than a Photon. Is there a similar product out there that will do that?

Thank you!

Define ‘a lot more’?
Also, take a look at GPIO expanders, which can give you as many pins as you need on the Photon :smile:

Oh, that’s perfect! Thanks. One more question: with the Photon, you can define pins in the code. I note that the expander doesn’t have numbers on each of the pins. How would I define each pin in the code?

Here’s an expander that does PWM for driving a whole bunch of servos: It’ll do 16 by itself, and it’s chainable, so you can do a lot more if needed.

Adafruit has a tutorial that should be easily adapted to the Photon: