Photon with intermittent connection


I have tried carefully your changes but it has not worked correctly yet. Do you have any other suggestions?




Have you checked the serial output (as I mentioned earlier already)?
Maybe that provides some clue.

As I said, without the hardware I can’t really test the code myself.


Sorry for my ignorance, but What do you mean exactly with; check the serial output? What to do exactly?




You have a bunch of Serial.print statements all over the code which gives feedback of the state of the code via the USB serial connection.

You just need any serial monitor program on your computer, open the respective port and watch what’s coming from the device.

One option is

particle serial monitor --follow


Ok, I will check this, but supposing for a moment that this is the problem, would not be reasonable doesn’t work in any situation?..for example with the wrong lib…



Looking at the serial output is not a cure but should provide you with some more insight about where the issue may be coming from.


Ok, I will put my focus in this suggestion…
Thank you for now…