Grove Multichannel Gas Sensor Library Issues [Cloud disconnection]


I am using Grove official library for Arduino, with Photon to interface with that sensor.

Grove Multichannel Gas Sensor Wiki

For first a few minutes, it works fine. I can read all the data without any problem.

But after a short while, Photon randomly disconnects from cloud and reconnects to the cloud.

But it is inevitable that after a few random cloud disconnections, it forever stuck in green rgb light.

I took a look at their cpp file but found nothing suspicious as far as my knowledge goes.

Can any expert suggest which is the actual culprit behind those cloud disconnections?:sweat:

Link to library code

Thanks in advance.

@phyo_tz, the library code includes a lot of jumps which can create loops. There are also several delay() calls which can cause cloud timeout. One solution is to run your


Hello Phyo_tz, can you please provide with working library for particle photon. Best regards