Photon starts publishing only after several hours

For several months I am using a Photon that publishes some data once per hour, that are send by IFTTT to a Google sheet. This all works fine in the end, except when I have to stop the system for some reason and then restart the whole thing again:
In such case it takes several hours before IFTTT seems to receive anything from the Photon: it may easily take 5-6 hours before IFTTT is triggered.
However once it has started after these hours it runs very well and then I am receiving data from the publishing event within some minutes after publishing and it stays operating this way until I have to shut down again the whole system for some reason.
So my problem only occurs the first hours after restarting again!
Does anyone have a clue how to solve this?
Is this likely a Photon publishing issue or may this be due to IFTTT or so???

Maybe it’s worthwhile to note that after each publishing my application disconnects from the cloud after 30 seconds and it reconnects again after 59 minutes. However, that is something that is not specific for the first hours after re-starting the whole system: this is how the program works always.

Couple of questions:

  1. why not use a web hook integration to get the published data to your google sheet?
  2. if you open the console for your device do you see it publishing there?
  3. if you don’t see it publishing as you expect have you tried changing the device app logic?

If you want to receive more help with this then you will need to share your code here, device OS.

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