Photon sometimes loses cloud connection for a few seconds

Just trying to figure why this is happening…

Rapid blue flashing status LED, for a few seconds, Browser shows disconnect and reconnectwithin a few seconds. Sometimes there is a brief red (purple-ish?) flash of the LED before it goes back to breathing blue.
There appears to be no pattern to the disconnect. Today the disconnect was:
10:32am, 11:40am, 3:21pm, 4:52pm, 5:05pm, 5:23pm, 5:25pm. Its usually a bit worse that this in an 8 hour period.

Photon with external aerial. Good Wifi to Photon, nothing else on the channel/band Photon is using.
firmware 0.6.2

Using a timer to send the RSSI every second to a terminal on my mac via USB. Like this:

STARTUP(WiFi.selectAntenna(ANT_EXTERNAL)); // selects the u.FL antenna

void printInfo()
  if ( WiFi.ready() ) ( Serial.println( WiFi.RSSI()) );

Timer timer(1000, printInfo);

void setup()

void loop()



Well I guess nobody else has experienced this…

Looks like it may have been some DDOS nastiness hammering on my ADSL router :frowning:
Always something to watch out for!

@steeley, WiFi.RSSI() can block up to 1s. With your timer set for 1s, this may be problematic, thus causing the disconnect (rapid blue flashing). You may want to run with SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED) and make your timer longer, like 1.5 sec.

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Interesting - I shall watch out for that. Thx.

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