Photon Smart Socket / Power Outlet

Look what I got for Xmas :smile:

My father-in-law made me a smart socket with a Photon inside. He is in the UK so his first version was a UK model. He sent the second one to me in Canada. He took some photos when making it which I can get if anyone is interested.
The two holes added on the bottom are to access the Photon buttons.

I had an Orvibo originally but it was totally unreliable, so this is a step-up since it always knows if its on or off.


@Rockvole, are you planning on sharing internal pictures? :smile:

I am :slight_smile:

I too would like to see internal pictures :slight_smile:

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Ok, this was the first version - which is for UK. The Photon buttons were not accessible in that location once the top was added.


@Rockvole, surprisingly well done! This is a great example of a project using a Photon which follows electrical isolation and safety rules. Thanks for sharing! Can you say what his total cost was?


I will email him to ask.

Here is a Photo of the US parts.


This the US version, I believe the power supply would work in any country.

@Rockvole, using a castellated edges Photon on a small vertical board with edge pins would be ideal (an adaptation of what you have). Power to the Photon could be direct to Vin or 3V3 as well to avoid the use of the USB adapter. Thanks for sharing!

The power isn’t supplied through the USB. The version 1 was designed so USB could be accessed through the side.

Then the problem with pushing the Photon buttons was realised and Version 2 was made to allow easier access to the buttons. I believe the Photon can be totally programmed without USB, but when I program I mostly use USB because my code is always stored in a source repository.

Is there a Photon with castellated edges available ? I never saw one on the store.

All photons are available with castellated edges. If you get the version without headers it’s much easier to see the edges (and solder it to a PCB). Have you considering moving to a P1? Would save you a few $

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@peekay123 the cost breakdown is :

Edimax SP-2101W $50 USD shipped to the UK
PSU $1.30 USD
Relay $4 USD
Switches $2.60 USD
LEDs $2.60 USD
Surge limiters $1.30 USD

So, around $65 USD for parts

Nothing was bought in bulk, just ordered from places in the UK so they
get there quick. He doesn’t live near electronic stores.

For the Edimax smart plug , you can get the SP-1101W or SP-2101W.
If you live in the US you can get them for around $25 USD shipped.

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@harrisonhjones - the project started after I bought an Orvibo S20 and found it to be unreliable in that the app never knows what state the socket is in (like after you press the button on the socket). They can be bought fairly easily for $15 shipped, plus they come in varieties for most sockets around the world.

Being so unreliable it wasn’t worth keeping, so I gave it to my father-in-law and asked if its possible to stick a Photon in it. I think if we had the ability to do a surface mount design and use a P1 - putting it into a sleek case like the Orvibo would be more ideal. It was too tight, so we just found the larger Edimax case since the box shape is easier to work with.

I think the market expects these devices to be around the $20-30 range, I think you would need facilities in China and build at scale to make it viable.

Reminds me of this story :cry:


I want to both “like” and “dislike” this post. Like for the info but dislike because it’s unfortunate what happened to that Kickstarter :frowning:

Unreliable IoT devices are so frustrating. Glad you were able to modify it to actually work reliably. What PSU are you using?

It is this exact one :

AC-DC 5V 700mA 3.5W Power Supply Buck Converter Step Down Module for Arduino

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