Photon simultaneous STA and AP?

I wonder if the Photon is capable of acting as a STA and an AP simultaneously.
After reading this thread Multiple WVLANs, and specifically this replay Multiple WVLANs this seems possible, but could someone confirm this, and if so, give some advice on how to set this up?

My end goal would be to achieve D2D between several Photons, with only one of them being connected to the Internet.

If simultaneous STA + AP is possible, would I set this up in the application, or would I need to modify firmware?

Thanks for any advice!


From hardware perspective, yes, it’s possible. However, the Photons that aren’t connected to the internet would have no s/w updates and no internet-managed-devices-capability. That would defeats many of the advantages of using the Particle cloud in the first place. ( AFAIK, there is no tunneling of internet connection over D2D by WiFi Direct ).

Btw : I can’t speak of the Photon specifically, but I was able to have AP+STA concurrently using the broadcom WICED SDK. ( I haven’t tried WiFi Direct yet )


We intend to allow the photon to expose both a STA and AP network and allow them to be used together, to allow more complex network scenarios like the one you outlined.