Multiple photons over the same WiFi network

Hi everyone,
I want to connect 100 photons to the same wifi network, at the same time. Today I have 10, and until now everything works good.
what issues do you think I might face? will I have problems with the wifi bandwidth?


There should not be any other problems than you’d encounter with that number of any WiFi device on one AP.

Possible issues are

  • limited capability of AP or DHCP server
  • too high simultaneity factor - having all devices hammer the AP with loads of traffic at the same time

thanks for your fast replay!
if it will happen eventually, I will write here what was the results…
thanks again.

As @ScruffR says it will be the AP you need worry about, some consumer routers/AP’s have dreadful performance with multiple clients. Commerical APs will typically have multiple antennae (MIMO like good consumer units) as well as more stable software, more capable hardware and even in some cases complete spectrum coverage - covering all bands at once with multiple modules.