Photon Setup failed

I was using the particle app and I got check marks on everything exempt Photon ownership and then the app told me the setup failed and the photon is blinking blue but I did put in the right password and I tapped the right network. My mom got me a Photon but she may have put in her own email.

Hi there! Is this a completely new Photon, or did your mom claim it to her account?

She didn’t have an account.

Oh, ok good. Did you log in with your own account on the Particle app?

I am now doing this over usb and I am getting would you like to revoke the authentication token? I have tried to setup the Photon a couple of times.

Can you tell me what you are typing to get that response? I have only encountered that request when logging out of someone else’s account.

I logged out and then logged back in. I gave it another shot trying to get the Photon connect to my network but it blinks blue and sometimes green. I am going to start over now my trying particle setup. Do I need to use sudo?

BTW, I’ve noticed on my raspberry pi (maybe the same on other linux) that you have to use sudo dfu-util and sudo particle flash --usb tinker (or whatever) to
flash, but can do the non-flash operations without sudo.
Note, however, that I think logging into particle-cli is sensitive as to whether you are sudo or not,
so if you log in to particle without sudo, trying to flash later with sudo will say you’re not logged in
unless you have done a sudo particle cloud login in the past. So it could be the same matter with setup wifi

Even when I setup the Photon with USB in terminal the Photon blinks green and then when I leave the photon network it blinks blue. What have I done wrong?

I don’t know how but it just worked! YAY!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I just ran into another problem the particle Photon just turned a pinkish blue color and now it is blinking green. Update: the photon just turned that pinkish blue and then blink green again.

Hey @rpiswag. By “pinkish blue” do you mean light blue / cyan? Here’s a color guide:

Basically, the cyan means it is connected and the green means it is trying to get connected. If you’re having a lot of trouble getting connected, check out this guide on what Wi-Fi networks play nicely with Particle:

I scanned my network and the Photon is connected. The wifi radio is made by universal global scientific.

If it shows up when you use particle list in the CLI and you are able to flash code to it through the IDE or Spark Dev, then it is online and the LED should be breathing light blue/cyan.