Photon offline after flashing code with status unreachable

I just bought a Photon recently. After flashing a code in web IDE from a sample project (from hacksterio), the device just turned off and in the event spark/device/diagnostics/update, the status is: “unreachable”, the Photon is offline but still breath cyan. To solve this, I entered Safe Mode and was able to reprogram the device again.

As I suspect the problem in the code, my question is what kind of errors will lead to this problem. I have flashed some sample project in the particle tutorial but they all worked properly. For reference to the code that lead to the error, it is trying to interface to a web server as it has a SparkJson library included.

As my knowledge about web interface is limited, I hope someone can spark a light on this problem! Thanks in advance

A typical error is to trap the code flow in a tight loop which will then break the cloud connection.

But when you say you got the code from a hackster project, why no share a link?

Or with Web IDE you can even use the SHARE THIS REVISION feature to post a link to your own project.

Thank you ScruffR for replying my message. Here is the link to the hacksterio project:

Just tried to recreate the project but due to lack of the Adafruit_MPR121 library in the public library repo I can’t.
Also the Adafruit_SSD1351_Photon throws a tone of errors which I won’t be digging into.

That’s why a SHARE THIS REVISION link would have been better.