Photon Low Flash memory

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Photon is a great product, unfortunately, it only has 128K of program memory.
There are no guidelines in the documentation on how to add external Flash to expand program memory.
I am publicly asking good folks at Particle to please add this information in their documentation
Thank you


@kazem, there is no way to expand the program flash externally on any Particle device.


I am so so sorry to hear that.
May be smart engineers at Particle would want to design another Photon with much larger
program memory


There have been some talks about facilitating the OTA flash area to allow a bigger application to be stored there, but of course that would also mean only wired updates will be possible.


Thanks ScrufR, how soon is it coming out
Oh yes I am working on my profile picture


That won’t be an official feature at any time (AFAICT) but something you’d need to tweak your system into.
I can’t quite remember where but there are some discussions on this forum that should be searchable.

I could only find this one here


It took quite a bit of effort having no help other than the source code to look at but I did manage to wrangle that factory backup area into a space I could use for a permanent library. So it can be done. Sadly I feel it is all for nothing now that P1’s are no longer available and no Xenon SoM exists and particle is not responding to inquiries about this.

@kazem For hobby or for apps requiring only simply firmware, this is a great platform with a very helpful community. But it is not a shoe-in for all developments, I would take a very long hard look at the particle system as well as the company before deciding your are comfortable with the combination of features and lack thereof.