Photon iOS Setup without cloud login

Is it possible to add setup to iOS device without having users to login to the Spark cloud? We already have user management in place so having them sign up twice is not an option. Plus I want all devices under one spark account.

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If you want to have only one Particle Cloud account:

  • You could embed the login ID for that in account your app. That would work but could have long term renewable security problems.

  • You could have your app connect to your server to get the current Particle Cloud login/password for your account, which the app then uses to connect to the cloud. Then you control when that security can be renewed and who can access it.


There’s currently no API for pushing “default” credentials into the spark setup iOS package, correct? I’m looking at this project in GitHub:

We have been using the embed-the-authentication info route. But it would be really great to be able to use a token instead. Rather than pulling in a username & password.