[Photon] How can I get access to the peripheral functions in stm32f10x_<per>.h


is it possible to access the peripheral functions in the stm32f10x_.h files? e.g. Can I call the function “TIM_TimeBaseInit” from “stm32f10x_tim.h” or “stm32f20x_tim.h”?

I’ve managed to use these functions by copying them into my own directory but I don’t want to do that if I have access to them and it seems like I might since if try to override them it won’t let me, e.g.:

If i make a function

uint32_t TIM_GetPrescaler(TIM_TypeDef* TIMx);

I get this message

new declaration uint32_t TIM_GetPrescaler(TIM_TypeDef* TIMx); ambiguates old declaration uint16_t TIM_GetPrescaler(TIM_TypeDef* TIMx);

Thanks in advance!

The 0.4.4 release (imminent) will make this possible.

…also, I see it says stm32f10x_.h…those files are for the Core. For the photon you need stm32f2xx_…h :smile: