Photon Headerless - SMD Mounted

Just wanted to share what a Photon soldered directly onto a PCB looks like:

As far as what this is, this will replace my Honeywell Zoning Panel (HZ311) and will give me the ability to add variable dampers. This will also hookup to my HVAC’s motor (Evergreen IM) so I can adjust the speed according.

The jumper pins will go to a Relay Board I got from Amazon. Here is my test setup:

Basically version 2.0 of my Core project here:


@Carsten4207, you have me drooling here! Nice job on the board dude. What that from OSHPark?

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Yes sir. OSHPark.

I got some other sample boards coming from DirtyPCB’s (China) as well to see the quality.

The speed and costs are amazing, but lets see the quality…


@Carsten4207, you are now my official hero of the day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen. You give me hope!

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So cool, nice work!

Checking out OSH Park and Dirty PCB for future projects, been using Fritzing Fab so far, great quality but super slow.

I’ve thought myself Eagle 2 years doing basic things like creating a LED Sheild and stuff like that.

I’ll lookup what tutorials I used and post them. But practice practice and practice is the key.

OSHPark is typically 2 weeks. DirtyPCB was less than a week. Unfortunately my neighbor signed for my package and they went on vacation or something…

But hopefully soon I’ll be able to check out how those parts look from DirtyPCB.

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Finally got a hold of my boards from DirtyPCB… And wow they are good!


Very Nice! What kind of variable dampers are you using / looking to use? Adding dampers to our HVAC is on my list for this Fall (too hot in the Summer). Thanks!

Just spotted this from the Dangerous Prototypes site (can’t believe I missed it before). Very cool! Can’t wait to learn more details!

I am planning on replacing my existing dampers with the Belimo LMB24-3-T. I was able to buy these on eBay for 40$ a piece.