Photon and FreeRTOS - clarity

Is it the case that the Photon operates under FreeRTOS?

If this is the case and users wish to write multitasking applications to run on the Photon, do they need to include the FreeRTOS source code with their compiled application or can they make calls to FreeRTOS APIs that would link to the code already in place? Is a library included for the APIs?

Even if Photon does run under FreeRTOS, is another option to just include the RTOS source code in your application directly or will the code running under the application interfere with the underlying Photon OS?

This is an old thread that I just happened upon, but I’ll assume you didn’t get that answered.

The photon firmware does not expose the FreeRTOS api and for portability sake you would want to avoid calling them if they were available. Instead they have created a hardware abstraction layer and exposed those APIs via a set of ‘wiring’ files. I just demystified this all for myself today.

Everything you need to know is pretty much here:

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