Photon and Craftsman Garage Door opener?

I’m new to this and a fair novice. Anyone out there tried to connect a Photon with a Craftsman product? I have a connected Photon breathing fine. I have Alexa. I have IFTTT and connected to the Photon. I connected the Photon to the opener using the Common and NO and used the Momentary trigger. The opener does nothing but I get a notification on my Craftsman App the garage opened/closed. Clues?

You need to purchase the photon relay shield. The trigger from switching the pins won’t work. If you search the forums you’ll find plenty of other posts regarding this topic.

It would help to know which specific garage door opener you have. You can probably trigger it with a MOSFET rather than a relay, but without knowing the electrical specs of the device, it’s hard to say.

I just did a project like this a couple months ago. Can you post a sketch of your set up and code? This is a fun and easy project. We’d love to help out if you can post those details.