Photon and Blynk Unusual Behavior

I am using Blynk with my Photon to send temperature and humidity readings. Everything works fine.

The only thing I noticed, when the Blynk app is open on my mobile device the Photon disconnects from the cloud quite often for a short period of time. If the Blynk app is closed the Photon seems to work fine.

Is anybody experiencing the same issue?

Have you set the refresh interval for your pins in Blynk app to some rather short periode?
Try increasing the time to once every few seconds.

How does your code handle BLYNK_READ() requests?

Thank you for your reply. My problem was that I had the the the Blynk.virtualWrite() function inside the void loop and I thought that the delay() function was enough to control the flow of data Photon sends to Blynk!