Photon 2 - 5.8.0 regression - ethernet no longer supported?

Hi all - it looks like there may be some oddities with the Photon 2 + deviceOS 5.8.0 + Ethernet, where the interface does not appear to be powered on.

I've checked against 5.0.0, 5.4.0, 5.6.0 - all of which are able to bring up the Ethernet interface - however it is unable to do so with deviceOS 5.8.0 - looking at the traces, there is no indication of attempting to power the interface up.

Simple test code, similar to what has been used in the ethernet testing thread:

// Include Particle Device OS APIs
#include "Particle.h"

// Let Device OS manage the connection to the Particle Cloud

// Run the application and system concurrently in separate threads

// Show system, cloud connectivity, and application logs over USB
// View logs with CLI using 'particle serial monitor --follow'
SerialLogHandler logHandler(LOG_LEVEL_ALL);
// setup() runs once, when the device is first turned on
void setup() {
  // Put initialization like pinMode and begin functions here

    pinMode(D10,INPUT);  // Argon D8, Photon2 D10  - ADR2
    pinMode(D7,INPUT);  // ADR1 no change
    pinMode(D6,INPUT);  //ADR0 no change
    pinMode(D2, OUTPUT); //TX_enable
    digitalWrite(D2,LOW); //receive is LOW, transmit is HIGH - set to LOW by default(RECEIVE) at start
    // To force Ethernet only, clear Wi-Fi credentials"Clear Wi-Fi credentionals...");



    if (Ethernet.isOff()){



void loop() {

    static system_tick_t lastPublish = millis();
    static int count = 0;
    static bool reconnect = false;

    if (Particle.connected()) {
        reconnect = false;
        if (millis() - lastPublish >= 10000UL) {
            //print ethernet ip address
  "Ethernet IP: %s", Ethernet.localIP().toString().c_str());
            Particle.publish("mytest", String(++count), PRIVATE, WITH_ACK);
            lastPublish = millis();


I think this might be related to a connection management bug. It may be fixed with this PR in 5.8.2, which will be released shortly.


Hi Rick - is there a projected timeframe for 5.8.2 to be updated in Workbench? - it seems to be released (or am I just crazy and can't find it)

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Workbench 1.16.23 should be in the VSCode marketplace and include Device OS 5.8.2. It was released on Tuesday, July 2. However I have that version and 5.8.2 is not displaying for me either.

@rickkas7, I don't see 5.8.2 either on the latest Workbench.

I see the problem. You need to go into Settings, Extensions, Particle, and make sure the Enable Pre-release Device OS Buiilds checkbox is checked.

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Another workaround: you can edit the .vscode/settings.json and change the particle.firmwareVersion to 5.8.2 like this:

After saving it, the DeviceOS toolchain was downloaded by VScode and I was able to use it.

It does not appear on the palette, but you are able to work with it until the official update comes to VScode.

So right now it does not look promising for 5.8.2 - exhibiting the same behavior as 5.8.0 with regards to ethernet.
I'll post some output of logs shortly, but it looks like it is only finding the WIFI interface, not the ETH

0000001651 [hal] INFO: WiFi KM0 firmware initialization completed result=0 (RAM start=10006000 end=10013bf8 reserved=00005000)
0000001693 [hal] INFO: rltk_wlan_set_netif_info: 0, 94:94:4a:04:08:cc
0000001841 [hal] INFO: WiFi on
0000001888 [hal.ble] TRACE: Going to stop the stack...
0000002210 [hal] INFO: WiFi off
0000002219 [system.nm] INFO: State changed: NONE -> DISABLED
0000002234 [system.nm] TRACE: Interface 4 power state: DOWN
0000002271 [comm] INFO: channel inited
0000002283 [app] INFO: Clear Wi-Fi credentionals...
0000002299 [app] INFO: FEATURE_ETHERNET_DETECTION enabled
0000002313 [system.nm] INFO: State changed: DISABLED -> IFACE_DOWN
0000017317 [system.listen] INFO: Entering listening mode
0000017358 [hal] INFO: rltk_wlan_set_netif_info: 0, 94:94:4a:04:08:cc
0000017539 [hal] INFO: WiFi on

That's weird that it's going into listening mode.

I was able to connect to Ethernet successfully with 5.8.2 with a Photon 2. I used the Adafruit Ethernet FeatherWing and the default pin assignments.

This is the firmware I used:

#include "Particle.h"


SerialLogHandler logHandler(LOG_LEVEL_TRACE);

void setup()
    // Comment out the following line in production; used only to see all serial debug messages
    waitFor(Serial.isConnected, 10000);




    Ethernet.setConfig(NetworkInterfaceConfig().source(NetworkInterfaceConfigSource::DHCP, AF_INET));


    waitFor(Ethernet.ready, 10000);

void loop()

Here's the log:

Serial monitor opened successfully:
0000001945 [hal] INFO: WiFi on
0000001989 [hal.ble] TRACE: Going to stop the stack...
0000002311 [hal] INFO: WiFi off
0000002319 [system.nm] INFO: State changed: NONE -> DISABLED
0000002333 [system.nm] TRACE: Interface 4 power state: DOWN
0000002347 [system.nm] TRACE: Interface 3 power state: UP
0000002381 [comm] INFO: channel inited
0000003444 [ncp.mgr] TRACE: Updated file: /sys/wifi_config.bin
0000003665 [system.nm] TRACE: Updated file: /sys/network.dat
0000003849 [system.nm] TRACE: Request to power off interface 4
0000003934 [system.nm] TRACE: Updated file: /sys/network.dat
0000003974 [system.nm] TRACE: Request to power on interface 3
0000003998 [system.nm] INFO: State changed: DISABLED -> IFACE_DOWN
0000004122 [system.nm] INFO: State changed: IFACE_DOWN -> IFACE_REQUEST_UP
0000004160 [net.ifapi] INFO: Netif en2 state UP
0000004174 [net.en] TRACE: Closed MACRAW socket
0000004186 [net.en] TRACE: Opened MACRAW socket, err = 0
0000004200 [system.nm] INFO: State changed: IFACE_REQUEST_UP -> IFACE_UP
0000004376 [net.en] INFO: Link up
0000004376 [net.ifapi] INFO: Netif en2 link UP, profile=NONE
0000004380 [system.nm] INFO: State changed: IFACE_UP -> IFACE_LINK_UP
0000004393 [hal] INFO: DNS server list changed
0000004394 [hal] INFO: DNS server list changed
0000004395 [net.ifapi] TRACE: Netif en2 ipv4 configuration changed
0000004397 [system.nm] INFO: State changed: IFACE_LINK_UP -> IP_CONFIGURED
0000004401 [system] INFO: Cloud: connecting
0000004421 [system] INFO: Read Server Address = type:1,domain:$
0000004462 [system] WARN: Failed to load session data from persistent storage
0000004506 [system] INFO: Discarding session data
0000004562 [system] TRACE: Resolving
0000004655 [system] TRACE: Address type: 3
0000004677 [system] TRACE: Cloud socket=0, family=2, type=2, protocol=17
0000004707 [system] INFO: Cloud socket=0, connecting to using if 3
0000004745 [system] INFO: Bound cloud socket to lwip if 3 ("en2")
0000004785 [system] TRACE: Cloud socket=0, connected to
0000004825 [system] TRACE: Updating cloud keepalive for AF_INET: 25000 -> 25000
0000004865 [system] TRACE: Applying new keepalive interval now
0000004895 [system] INFO: Cloud socket connected
0000004919 [system] INFO: Starting handshake: presense_announce=0
0000004945 [comm.protocol.handshake] INFO: Establish secure connection
0000004982 [comm.dtls] INFO: (CMPL,RENEG,NO_SESS,ERR) restoreStatus=2
0000007545 [comm.protocol.handshake] INFO: Sending HELLO message
0000007578 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000007599 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON POST /h size=39 token= id=1
0000007653 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000007680 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=1
0000007701 [comm.protocol.handshake] INFO: Handshake completed
0000007733 [comm.protocol.handshake] TRACE: Updating cached session parameters
0000007773 [comm.dtls] INFO: session cmd (CLS,DIS,MOV,LOD,SAV): 4
0000007807 [comm.dtls] INFO: session cmd (CLS,DIS,MOV,LOD,SAV): 3
0000008724 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000008748 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON POST /d?\x01 size=198 token=c3 id=2
0000008781 [comm] INFO: Sending TIME request
0000008803 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000008828 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON GET /t size=7 token=c4 id=3
0000008875 [system] INFO: Send spark/device/last_reset event
0000008906 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000008932 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON POST /E/spark/device/last_reset size=42 token= id=4
0000008969 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000008994 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON POST /E/particle/device/updates/enabled size=44 token= id=5
0000009034 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000009061 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON POST /E/particle/device/updates/forced size=44 token= id=6
0000009101 [system] INFO: Sending application DESCRIBE
0000009129 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000009156 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON POST /d?\x02 size=25 token=c5 id=7
0000009183 [system] INFO: Sending subscriptions
0000009207 [comm.protocol] INFO: Sending subscriptions
0000009235 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000009260 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON GET /e/particle?u size=17 token= id=8
0000009290 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000009314 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON GET /e/spark?u size=14 token= id=9
0000009346 [system] TRACE: Waiting until all handshake messages are processed by the protocol layer
0000009395 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000009417 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=5 token=c3 id=2
0000009448 [comm.protocol] TRACE: Updating system DESCRIBE checksum
0000009481 [comm.dtls] INFO: session cmd (CLS,DIS,MOV,LOD,SAV): 4
0000010442 [comm.dtls] INFO: session cmd (CLS,DIS,MOV,LOD,SAV): 3
0000010477 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000010501 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 2.05  size=10 token=c4 id=3
0000010529 [comm.protocol] INFO: Received TIME response: 1720454352
0000010659 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000010681 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=4
0000010809 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000010831 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=5
0000010960 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000010984 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=6
0000011113 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000011136 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=5 token=c5 id=7
0000011166 [comm.protocol] TRACE: Updating application DESCRIBE checksum
0000011201 [comm.dtls] INFO: session cmd (CLS,DIS,MOV,LOD,SAV): 4
0000011234 [comm.dtls] INFO: session cmd (CLS,DIS,MOV,LOD,SAV): 3
0000011367 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000011391 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=8
0000011519 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000011543 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=9
0000011572 [system] INFO: All handshake messages have been processed
0000011603 [comm.protocol] TRACE: Updating subscriptions checksum
0000011633 [comm.dtls] INFO: session cmd (CLS,DIS,MOV,LOD,SAV): 4
0000011664 [comm.dtls] INFO: session cmd (CLS,DIS,MOV,LOD,SAV): 3
0000011798 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000011821 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON GET /d?\x04 size=9 token=01 id=44510
0000011856 [comm.protocol] INFO: Received DESCRIBE request; flags: 0x04
0000011890 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000011911 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=44510
0000011942 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000011970 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON 2.05  size=151 token=01 id=10
0000012006 [system] INFO: Cloud connected
0000012028 [system.ledger] TRACE: Connected
0000012050 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000012075 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON POST /E/particle/device/updates/pending size=47 token=02 id=44511
0000012120 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000012150 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=44511
0000012177 [system.ledger] INFO: Requesting ledger info
0000012204 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000012229 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON POST /L size=25 token=c6 id=11
0000012259 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000012284 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=10
0000012313 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000012339 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 2.04  size=10 token=c6 id=11
0000012369 [system.ledger] INFO: Received ledger info
0000012394 [system.ledger] WARN: Ledger not found: device-info
0000037427 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000037447 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON 0.00  size=4 token= id=12
0000037501 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000037525 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=12
0000062565 [comm.coap] TRACE: Sending CoAP message
0000062592 [comm.coap] TRACE: CON 0.00  size=4 token= id=13
0000062647 [comm.coap] TRACE: Received CoAP message
0000062673 [comm.coap] TRACE: ACK 0.00  size=4 token= id=13

Hmm - definitely odd.
I added a small Log message just to make sure I was actually flashing it to the device.

Just tried an Argon with 6.1.0 - that is also able to see the eth interface.

It seems that something odd is going on; can see the ethernet with Photon 2 5.0.0 up to 5.6.0, Argon 6.1, Argon 4.2.0, Argon 5.8.2 - but not a Photon 2 with 5.8.0-5.8.2
That's more than moderately weird.

In terms of schematic/Pins:

(edit: put correct schematic)

Can confirm similar behavior as jgu seeing. P2 5.8.x, particle usb network-interfaces never lists ethernet as an option. P2 5.6.0 does, even if userland code never tries to touch the ethernet, (likely as long as
System.enableFeature(FEATURE_ETHERNET_DETECTION); has been set in the past.)

My user code is:

void setup() {}

void loop() {

and usb network-interfaces still lists Ethernet as an optional interface