Phone location to trigger alarm

I have two protons which function as a home security sensor and a garage door alarm. I wanted to incorporate my cell phone location into the logic but I am not finding any examples in the community. What I want to happen is a notification if my cell phone is away from my house that the garage door is open.(since I never leave without it) Ideally this would also make sure my home security system to set to arm. Any suggestions.

You can do that if you use Losant or maybe Ubidots using the geofence functions.

Or you could trigger an event on IFTTT when the cell phone leaves the house. Then IFTTT informs the photon: if the garage door is opened, the photon triggers en event on the cell phone.

I didn’t know IFTTT can push to the Photon. Thanks for letting me know that. I think it will work.