Pedestrian Walk Signal - Live Control (Spark)

I picked up a pedestrian walk signal from a surplus store. It had previously been used in Cortland, NY. Using a Spark Core and some interface electronics, it’s now internet connected and controllable.

Control it Here:

Code on GitHub:

The live stream requires flash, so won’t work on mobile.

The website interacts with the sign through Spark’s device cloud infrastructure. You can change the hand/walk signal and scroll simple messages across the countdown timer’s two 7 segment displays.

The Spark Core is connected to two MCP23008 8-bit I2C IO Expanders. The IO Expanders are connected to two ULN2803 darlington transistor arrays. These transistor arrays drive the sign’s LEDs.

There’s also a brief project write-up and some pictures on the site.


Wow! That is a fantastic working project that’s fun to play with =]

That’s a great project! Great work!

That is way coooool.

I put my wife’s name in the message. She went Meh! :smile:

Nice work. It’s great to see what Spark Core can do.

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Great project @jbennett!