Passing event data to POST request in custom template

Hi , in the events tab , I do see the event and the data sent by the device. Please how do put this data into “subject” in the below custom template POST request ?

“event”: “mm_EVENT_PREFIX”,
“deviceID”: “1f002b001747353236343033”,
“url”: “”,
“requestType”: “POST”,
“noDefaults”: true,
“rejectUnauthorized”: true,
“responseTemplate”: “”,
“form”: {
“to”: “”,
“from”: “Chief Central”,
“subject”: “1234 Ninth Street, 416-555-1212”,
“text”: “1234 Ninth Street, 416-555-1212”
“auth”: {
“username”: “api”,
“password”: “key-7a36z3hhqwg515cmrb-xnwa5gjwsn-r2”

@mmai, I don’t think you received any responses yet due to the vagueness of the question. Please elaborate on what you are trying to do. Are you making a POST request from a Particle device? Which one (Photon, Electron, etc.) Are you using a library to make the POST request such as the HTTPClient library? Are you using webhooks to get/send data? Your sample JSON above isn’t properly formatted with a preceding and ending { } or [ ]. Is the data JSON? Is this JSON-looking data to be included in the body of the POST or in POST parameters?


thanks ninjatil, this screenshot shows the event published by my Photon, the data is “eureka”.

this other screenshot, scroll to bottom click edit . Then you will see the custom template link.How do I transmit data from Photon (“eureka”) to server , in any field of the form ? My call to works perfect with static data, as is.

You need to substitute your subject value with {{{PARTICLE_EVENT_VALUE}}}
If you looked at the default field definition for Webhook forms (before switching to custom) you’d have seen how it’s done.

BTW, that _EVENT_PREFIX bit of your event name seems to be redundant. Since the value is and event prefix by definition, it needn’t be called that way :wink:


thank you so much scruffr ! I will do that. If I become rich one day , I will send you a big check.

BTW, that _EVENT_PREFIX bit of my event name is voluntary put there to tell me what it is I am dealing with, as you say an “event prefix”. It’s learning process tag I put there, pretty wise , no ?

Cheers to you ! I was in programming like you in my first career. My first career was real-time systems C language programmer , from tracking systems to video games. Basically, I am a Jedi with the C language. Ask me anything. …i just read your profile: vic-20 6502’s. Remember Compuserve dial-up text adventure game "GO NORTH, PICK THIS, ETC. " ?

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