Partilce Cli setup Only allowed on Wifi connected computers

I’ve been trying to claim my P1 and the app is giving me an error so I tired the CLI but it looks like my computer has to be connected to WiFi, right now my computer is hardwired. Is there a way to use the CLI for set up when hardwired?


I also tried this command:

npm update -g particle-cli && particle update

The P1 updated then restarted. After it restarted is stayed in a high frequency flashing green (almost solid) with a very dim red flash happening fast. When I held down the mode button it reset. I was able to put the P1 in safe mode and tried to connect again from the phone app but right away I got an error saying setup couldn’t disconnect from the Particle devices WiFi network.

I’m lost…

OK update… got it working…

safe mode,
cli setup wifi
keys doctor
update name from webIDE


You can also rename your device with:

particle core rename YOUR_DEVICE_ID NEW_NAME