Particle Webhook not calling target URL

Hi there

I got a little software just basically calling Particle.publish('enter', NULL, 60, PRIVATE) I can see the event coming on the logs, but the webhook is never called…

is the service down?

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There is currently a known problem creating new web hooks ("Error Webhook creation failed: subscribe error - Error: Too many open files”). The web hook is created, but doesn’t fire. The problem may or may not affect existing web hooks. It’s being investigated.

@rikkas7 It has been affecting existing web hooks - mine stopped and when I deleted and recreated I got the error you mention above

Agreeing with @stofmike, It is affecting at least some existing web hooks. All of mine in 3 different devices all went down at the same time this morning.

yeah, affected here too… I recreated all the webhooks and nothing is called anymore

any updates on this? webhooks still not working