Particle vs mBed

I guess the answer here would be biased but I’ll try my luck anyway.

I would like to start working on my IoT project, to be able to scale it in later stages from prototyping to production, should I use Particle or mBed?

My project is quite simple and I think particle HW is a bit too expensive for it, I saw that the P0/P1 controllers cost ~10$ while ARM’s mBed supports much more platforms.

Here is my BOM:
*Proximity sensor
*Temperature sensor
*Couple of LEDs
*2 buttons


What particular mBed board would you want to compare?
What do you expect of the back-end coming with the respective devices?
Which platforms would you want supported that Particle can’t be used with?

And I guess, if you intend to get larger quantities, the P0 price will be negotiable :wink:

Reels of modules are also available and have a 6-8 week lead time. If interested, please contact our team at

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