Particle update command

So…I often use Particle Dev due to my code utilizing a library or two I developed and don’t really know how to make public. I’m apparently too dense to “get” git. When Particle Dev starts compiling against a newer system firmware than is on one of my devices, it ends up in safe mode (magenta). I assumed (yes, bad idea) that I could merely run “particle update” when the device is connected via USB and get the newest default system firmware installed, but that doesn’t appear to work. I’m a bit curious as to why Particle Dev will compile to a default version different than what’s considered the default for “particle update”. Is it possible to specify a system firmware version when doing “particle update”?

Fortunately, due to another post (@ScruffR?) I was able to CLI compile against 0.5.3 and get the code on my device.

Also, I’m wondering if there’s a way to know what system firmware Particle Dev is compiling against before actually doing a compile. Since many of my devices are in the field and some are Electrons, I’m now hesitant to (Particle Dev) compile and flash new application firmware.

The above rant should not be interpreted as a complaint. I’m just trying to figure out the best work flow for my needs.

That would be surprising when you are using the most recent version of CLI (currently 1.18.0) too :wink:

You can have a look in Particle Build (Web IDE) or you just build and use particle binary inspect on resulting binary.
Or look in the Firmware Update Thread or on

Thanks @ScruffR for the feedback. I guess I simply forget to update the CLI regularly.

I realize I can figure out what version Particle Dev is compiling against, but I would hope it would be more obvious when you’re about to do a compile. Just a thought.

Agreed, that would be desirable - even more we’d like to have a possibility to select a target (which you can with the other dev envs)