Particle telegraf webhook not starting


I can’t seem to get the particle webhook to start. The main webhook input starts but not the particle one. Not sure if its related to the particular telegraf distro I am using, but want to check there is nothing I am doing wrong first.

here is my telegraf setup:

and here is what i see when i start telegraf:

you can see the particle telegraf webhook doesnt start.

I have the exact same issue! Did you have any luck?

I couldn’t get it to work. But in my case, I was using a customized telegraf binary for timescale db. ( The folks at timescale put it together to make it easy to send data over to them). I suspect their binary didn’t have the particle plugin installed. I tried to get them to add it and seemed it was not a priority for them.
if you are using the regular telegraf binary I think it should work.