Particle.syncTimePending not a member

Hi I am writing some firmware for a new device and am trying to setup our time synchronization routines. I tried this code from the documentation:

       void loop()
          // Request time synchronization from the Particle Device Cloud
          // Wait until Photon receives time from Particle Device Cloud (or 
        connection to Particle Device Cloud is lost)
         // Do something else

      // Print current time

I get the error

‘class CloudClass’ has no member named ‘syncTimePending’

It seems like I am using the wrong namespace or need to include something. I get this error in the local IDE and in the web IDE.


Hi @smokedsalmonbagel

That was added about 2 years ago 0.6.1 but it is possible you are still running 0.5.3. Can you check in the web IDE what version you are targeting?

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You don’t want to call Particle.syncTime() on every iteration of loop().

Thanks - I was not aware their was a system firmware upgrade process.


@ScruffR - thanks - I was just using the sample code to test compile the code. The actual firmware source is quite long.