Particle.syncTimePending not a member


Hi I am writing some firmware for a new device and am trying to setup our time synchronization routines. I tried this code from the documentation:

       void loop()
          // Request time synchronization from the Particle Device Cloud
          // Wait until Photon receives time from Particle Device Cloud (or 
        connection to Particle Device Cloud is lost)
         // Do something else

      // Print current time

I get the error

‘class CloudClass’ has no member named ‘syncTimePending’

It seems like I am using the wrong namespace or need to include something. I get this error in the local IDE and in the web IDE.



Hi @smokedsalmonbagel

That was added about 2 years ago 0.6.1 but it is possible you are still running 0.5.3. Can you check in the web IDE what version you are targeting?


You don’t want to call Particle.syncTime() on every iteration of loop().


Thanks - I was not aware their was a system firmware upgrade process.



@ScruffR - thanks - I was just using the sample code to test compile the code. The actual firmware source is quite long.