Particle Roadshow 2019: bringing an IoT product to market for maximum business impact

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During the Particle Roadshow 2019, Particle Chief Commercial Officer, Kenneth De Spiegeleire spoke with three industry leaders about how they are using Particle-Powered IoT to drive innovation at their companies and deliver more value for their customers.

Throughout the discussion each business leader shares how they are transforming their companies. From decreasing service costs and reducing technician visits to using IoT to create additional value for their customers, each share valuable insights from their industry perspective.

More about the panel of industry leaders

Nguen Le, President and CFO of Shifted Energy, a company that is transforming the energy industry by using new technologies like IoT. Before Shifted Energy, Le worked in investment banking and private equity and led the rollout of fiber for global crossing in Europe. In addition to his role at Shifted, he helps other local startups in his home state of Hawaii.

Heather Trombley is the President of DentalEZ, an establish leader in the dental equipment industry. DentalEZ manufactures the critical compressors and machinery that power the modern dental office.Prior to DentalEZ, Trombley had a distinguished career at General Electric’s medical supplies division, and served as the Vice President of sports medicine and analytics at the company.

Mario Cruz, CTO at Watsco Ventures, an innovation division of Watsco, Inc is the largest distributor of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration equipment in the industry. Watsco Ventures’ mission is to invent, build, and deploy innovative technology and business models to accelerate their parent company’s growth.

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