Particle Pomodoro: A data-logging Pomodoro timer

Hey everyone! We just released a neat new blog post that details how to turn the Particle Internet Button into your very own Internet-connected, data-logging Pomodoro Timer (accelerated Pomodoro sequence below).

For a complete set of details and build instructions, visit our blog post, here:

We’d like to use this thread as a place where people who are building their own Pomodoro timers can come for support and to share their results! Let us know what you think!

For reference, the firmware gist for the project is included below:


I updated the Gist above, if you downloaded it yesterday (12 of you did) please grab the updated one :wink:

  • playSong strings should be terminated with \n for the last note to play.
  • also removed the STARTUP() script as it’s embedded in the InternetButton library now

Check out the new update to the InternetButton library 0.1.9 as well which includes some new fancy features for playing tunes: setBPM, setBrightness, setNumLeds and playing with the advanceRainbow function. Full update list below.

MakingMusic example updated:

InternetButton 0.1.9 Changelog

  • added setBrightness() & getBrightness() functions
  • enhanced playSong() to support sharp/flat notes
  • added setBPM() & getBPM() functions, tuned BPM
  • refactored rainbow() to expose wheel() function
  • added advanceRainbow() to allow processing between updates to the rainbow
  • tested octaves 0-9, and all forms of notes
  • rest notes now completely mute the output instead of playing an 8Hz tone
  • added Nyan Cat to the Making_Music example to show off the new music/rainbow abilities
  • updated and several examples
  • added setNumLeds() function to support more than 11 LEDs by default.
  • updated NeoPixel library to 0.0.10
  • supports Redbear Duo
  • did not bother to trim the Neopixel library extras not used on the InternetButton, despite this only 2KB of extra flash is used, examples still compile for Core.
  • fixes issue #21 and #22
  • disabled all debugging statements (fixes issue #15)