Particle ping the device(to know device online or offline) is not real time

The ping API :
is not real time as we have tested and even when the device is offline and we send this API the device returns true. Why is that? Also we noticed that the the return of the API call is based on the Blue toggle in the console (whose blinking is not real time, its stays blue even when the device goes offline).

When I ping the device via the web console I receive the real time information if the device is online or offline.
I need to help in having this device ping API to be real time telling me the status of connectivity. The current API is not working.
Please help, this is critical for our application.

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Hi @sushil, we will check on this and reply you. Thanks.

Hi @sushil,

I am replying as a member of Particle technical support team. We did manage to replicate your above complaint that for offline devices, they can be reacheable via API ping. Our preliminary investigation suggests that there could be latency for the ping function, especially right during the time period when the device goes offline.

As for your other observation that the return of the API is based on the Blue light, we shall look at this as well and update you.

To complete the investigation, we will like to trouble you to log a ticket here: I will be looking out for your ticket, and take it forward internally.

We will investigate this further and update you here. We appreciate your time and patience on this. Thank you.