Particle photon vs ESP 32

Thanks for your reply@mikemoy. I am quite comfortable with vscode and setting up c++ projects.

My question was more in reference to the cloud backend. OTA updates and device management to be precise.

PlatformIO has that built in. With VGDB, you will need to simply add OTA to your project from the examples folder from espressif

It seems to me that in the IoT world, open source tends to be one of the driving factors. Would it not be sufficient to just allow enough info about the manner in which particle uses the mesh networking that others can write open-source libraries for esp32 to work with it? And/or offer an ESP32 library yourselves to increase the functionality of your devices by way of their ability to interact with other devices?

I used ESP32 and 8266 with Arduino IDE and the 8266 is a bit more stable than the
ESP32 But for the most part I scrapped the Esp32 for home automation. Too many
WiFi problems hoop jumping like SPIFFS a $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W just works right
out of the box. I’m tempted to try Particle.IO, its not about cheap HW its about stable
reliable HW and SW. Arduino was great in the day for Atmel UNO’s but the chineese
have dumped and flooded the market with junk ESP32 unreliable HW that super cheap
and the board support package are hobby quality at best.

I guess this topic is pretty old, but I’ll have a crack anyway. Can anyone tell me how (or whether it’s possible) to subscribe to cloud events using the ESP32?


You should be able to.
You need some code for SSE (server sent event) subscriptions and I think you’ll find multiple online.

However, you can only subscribe to public events as there is no simple way to have the ESP32 login to a Particle account (unless you want to share the account’s access token).

Thanks very much. That’s great news. I just did a quick search for “particle SSE subscriptions” with no luck. Could you point me in a direction?

Without “particle” as SSE is a common “technique” not unique to Particle.
But adding ESP32 might render more focused results

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