Particle photon to 12v fan

What does it look like to have a Particle Photon in the circuit to control a 12 V fan. Or would it be better to use Ardunio If you have time, could you draw out of schematic for me and what parts I might need? Because of life I haven’t been able to finish this project and I’m a novice at electronics

there is this post that can get you what you want:



You can use Particle’s relay board, or else here is a project of ours that mounts a Photon which drives an onboard relay and even has a flyback diode to protect the relay contacts with inductive loads:

You can connect your 12 volt fan supply to the external (motor power) power terminals and connect the fan directly to the solenoid terminals, and you turn the fan on and off via pin D0. This board contains other things that you might be interested in, including general pupose I/Os brought out to connectors, a 5 volt servo driver, outputs with current limiting resistors to attach an LED indicator directly to the board, etc. You can probably drive your 12 volt fan with a bipolar transistor or FET connected to a Photon I/O pin, but using a relay like the little one on this board is safer (for your Photon). Note that Particle has discontinued the Photon, but it is still supported and you can still buy Photons on the Internet. You can also use Particle’s adaptor socket with an Argon or the upcoming Photon 2 module.

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