'particle' not declared in this scope

Hi I don’t understand what wrong in my code:

This is the partial code

float PressV;

void setup()
and this is the error message
stazmeteovisala.cpp: In function ‘void setup()’:
stazmeteovisala.cpp:42:1: error: ‘Particle’ was not declared in this scope

Thanks Valentino

Could you share the link of your project from the Web IDE? That way we can have a look at the exact project without having to make guesses.

When trying to edit the title of you post, Discourse told me I couldn’t because there was already a topic with the exact error description as yours. Had you tried looking for that already?

Thanks for your answer, before to write I check but I was unablebthe find. Now I see the probabilty answer In your answer(Firmware version)c tomorrow I check.

Hi Moors7 thanks a lot I just change the firmware version and now everything is ok.

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