Particle Mesh energy meter


Continuing the discussion from Open Energy Monitor Port:
Here is a design I made to monitor Power without the use of voltage dividers which are really flaky and don’t provide proper values . the I2C code is really simple

Good luck the design was made on KiCad
if you want the Gerber please send me an email ill send it to you and you can upload it to for board manufacture, $5.00 for 5 boards.

Particle.publish variable


1 J3 TerminalBlock_4Ucon_1x03_P3.50mm_Horizontal 1 Connector_Conn_01x02_Female
2 C4,C3,C1 CP_Radial_D5.0mm_P2.00mm 3 10uF
3 U2 SOT-223 1 Smoke_Detector-cache_Regulator_Linear_AP2204R-3.3
4 C2 C_1206_3216Metric 1 .1uF
5 D1 Diode_Bridge_Diotec_SO-DIL-Slim 1 D_Bridge_±AA
6 U1 Particle_Boron 1 Particle_Boron
7 U3 MSOP-12_3x4mm_P0.65mm 1 Sensor_Voltage_LTC2945
8 R1 R_Axial_DIN0207_L6.3mm_D2.5mm_P7.62mm_Horizontal 1 R_Small
9 J2 TerminalBlock_4Ucon_1x02_P3.50mm_Vertical 1 Connector_Conn_01x02_Female
10 PS1 Converter_ACDC_MeanWell_IRM-02-xx_THT 1 RAC01-05SGB
11 J1 TerminalBlock_bornier-3_P5.08mm 1 Conn_01x03_Female