Particle Mesh boot time

I am very excited to get the new particle mesh hardware but I am also wondering if the new hardware has improved boot time?
On my electron it take 0.7sec before 3.3v pin is available and additional 0.7sec before the first line of code is executed. This is pretty limiting for certain scenarios.

Well, considering that the mesh devices has more “meshing” to do, I don’t see this improving, however in saying that, 0.7 seconds is pretty fast considering the size of the device and what’s actually on it. I think 1.4 seconds total boot including running code (and to establish a WiFi connection) is very-very fast.
Not even MS/Linux can establish a WiFi connection under 10 seconds irrespective of what NIC or CPU you’re running.

It’s too early to say for sure, as the software is not final.

However the nRF52840 is designed for low power usage. The Xenon, for example, is designed to be battery powered. It can wake up for very brief intervals and receive store and forward data from a repeater and go back to sleep again. Thread mesh doesn’t involve the long handshake as for Wi-Fi and cellular.

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