Slow response times on first attempt

Today I have made a first try with particle mesh, and the console and so on.
My first tryout with XENON was the Particle example with led an phototransistor, and publish code
And a second board was an ARGON with the relay shield.
When the beam was broken, all relays should switch off and when restored they would again switch on.

But latency (from no latency up to 10 seconds during some half an hour time) was not satisfying me.

Would it help to do a MESH publish? so without the internet?
Or do i dream of things that are not going to help me?


@supafly1975, a Mesh publish will be MUCH faster since it stays within the mesh. Which version of DeviceOS are you running on your mesh devices?

Was it actual latency or could it have been a network outage/reconnect which would block code execution (unless using multithreading) in default AUTOMATIC mode - what did the RGB LED on the gateway do at that time?
Also seeing the way how your code is written might provide some clues.

One thing I’d try is adding SYSTEM_THREAD(ENABLED)

The Argon was breathing normally…allthough my normal internet is also showing signs of problems… Maybe i will need to check all connections around the house…
But it’s not yet a big issue. I will try the system_thread setting. Also will i try the MESH.publish…

The publish command doesn’t need to go to the net, since it’s just a way of controlling some relays. It was a simple test, and i was a little amazed by how long it to the argon to react to the publish of the xenon. In the console turnaround timings for xenon showed 191ms, for the argon over 5 seconds…
The purpose is to control relays by mesh.publish and on the other hand use particle.publish for some sensor readings in the future.

But first some playing around and trial and error… I will get it fixed…

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