Particle LTS Test Drive Bounty Program

Hi everyone,

We are looking to improve the reliability of our new Long Term Support (LTS) releases for Device OS, which is why we would like to invite you to the LTS Test Drive program .

We would like your help finding bugs in the latest 2.x release candidate to improve reliability of LTS releases.

You will receive $500 for each accepted high severity issue and $250 for low severity issues. For more information, sign up below:

You can sign up for this program here!

We hope you sign up for the LTS test drive program because we deeply value your expertise. We encourage discussion about the LTS test drive program here in this topic.

Happy hunting!
The Particle team



Seems like this bug would apply: Bug Bounty: Electron not booting after battery discharges completely

I haven’t tested my reproduction on 2.X, but it definitely meets my definition of high severity. I’m happy to send a test setup to Particle, including everything needed to reproduce the issue (raspi, korad power supply and our custom PCB) if Particle would do the work on the firmware/bootloader side to fix.

Hi Heath,

If you haven’t submitted it already through the test drive program submission form, I absolutely encourage you to. I believe it would absolutely qualify.

Any additional hardware to reliably reproduce would be incredible. I know that that particular issue has been one that’s difficult to reliably reproduce in the past.

Hi everyone,

A special thank you to everyone who signed up for Particle’s LTS test drive program. In just ~3 weeks we received many thoughtful bug reports that have led to immediate technical fixes, feature enhancements, and documentation improvements. We observed a big increase in adoption in 2.0 rc4 without any reports of high severity bug reports which has helped build confidence that 2.0 is ready for release and we’re headed toward a legacy of strong, reliable future releases on the 2.x LTS release line. This is exactly what we had hoped to achieve Thank you all for helping us achieve that goal, Device 2.0 was announced yesterday!

We are hopeful that we will be able to engage our community again in future for test drives like this one. Please keep an eye out for future programs!

Thank you all for your time and contributions to Particle,
Matthew Stanley on behalf of the Particle Team

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