Particle Light Color Info

So…is there any simple place where all of the colors and blinks the light on the Particle can do is documented?

I know has most of the color modes, but you have to use browser search to try and find what a color means.

A simple table at the bottom with color,blink_type,meaning would be wonderful reference vs. all in the narrative.

Just my $0.02 after figuring most of them out. If not, I can always build one. :slight_smile:


You mean something like this: What do the colors on the Particle RGB LED mean?
but for the Photon instead of the core?

Exactly! (And ideally in the actual docs.)

I’ve figured it out mostly at this point, but would be helpful, especially for new folks I think. Currently it takes a bit of work to get a new Particle working past Tinker.

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