Particle keys doctor not work


After use “ParticleCLISetup.exe” update particle cli,particle keys doctor my_id can not work.
The node version can work,but it can not call by Qt.


I think there is an ongoing problem with doctor:


I find the bug.Please check and tell me if this is the right patch.


@m_m Any thoughts?


@ming @nrobinson2000 ooof. that was me trying to be helpful :man_facepalming: i’ll get it fixed up ASAP. thanks for the heads-up, apologies for the bumps :pray:


@ming i just released CLI v1.46.2 with a fix for this “Cannot read property ‘toLowerCase’ of undefined” error. thanks again for the report :pray::+1:


@nrobinson2000 @m_m Reinstall Particle-Cli fix this issue.Thanks Guys!