Particle ide problems

when I try to flash the spark ide code of the blinking led to my core it just turns to magneta color and there is no effect of blinking the blue led on and off , what could be the possible reason for this problem?

Hi @aashav,
try to flash the same sketch from the web ide, and see if it behaves differently.


from web ide means, could you please elaborate.

thank you.

This environment.

yes i am doing it from the same , but when i flash the core the led turns into magneta and blinks and the code does not run.

Ah, ok. I seen spark ide and was thinking at local environment.
Did you give it enough time ? Maybe it’s trying to update firmware ?

yeah i tried many times and waited for it to turn up but it just ends up blinking magneta.

Latest firmware update (on Photon) can take up to 12 minutes for completion.

okay ill try again and see what happens

thank you :smile:

This indeed sounds like an automatic update. Give it some time, and it should work itself out. If you want to do it faster and more reliable, use the CLI. Place your device in DFU mode, and issue particle update

See this thread for reference:

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thank you so much , it is now working as expected.

thank you.