Particle Firmware Reference for Raspberry Pi

I was just updating my CWOP-Particle library to ensure that it compiles on Raspberry Pi, and noticed that it was failing to compile because my example uses Software Timers.

The reference material at does not explicitly state that the RPi does not support them, but this is obviously the case. For us beta testers, is there a more up to date resource that we should be looking at, to get a good feel for what is and is not supported in firmware on the Pi? Nothing particularly useful in this category is listed at

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Hey there, @legoguy

All of the documentation that is visible when the device type, Raspberry Pi is selected in the docs should work for the Pi. If it does not, it’s an issue that the Particle team needs to fix. I’ve created a new issue in our GitHub repo for the docs, here:

The intention is definitely for the Firmware docs to be the reference. I was hiding sections of the docs that were not yet tested like I2C. I’ll remove software timers until they are implemented.

Awesome, thanks for the update! Once I2C is done, I have some sensors waiting in the wings to test with :smile:

Go for it! See the changelog for the details of I2C. Raspberry Pi Changelog