Particle Extension for VSC or PlatformIO in future

Just curious if there might be any plans to create a Extension for Visual Studio Code, or collaborate with PlatformIO to create a plugin there as well.

Particle dev which uses ATOM works, but misses other functionality that the prior two solutions provide.

What are the things that you would most like to see in a Particle IDE solution? What doesn’t Atom do which the others do, and what makes you prefer those over the current offering?

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The two main ones are “Go to Definition” and “Peek Definition”.
For instance, In VSC when you right click on a function you are presented with this list.
(Granted ATOM has a similar list, but many of those options just dont even do anything. )


When you right click on a function and select say “peek Definition” you will be presented with this.
One can quickly see that function, without having to open that file. Or in a multiple file program like mine that has 18 .cpp files alone with 18 headers it makes it a breeze to when in one file to click on the function and have it jump to where the function is in another file.

I use VSC to open my projects in ATOM so i can code more effectively. When I save a file I have to jump over to Particle dev to compile and upload. Its just a hassle. PlatformIO does all this in VSC, and I even use VSC with ESP32-IDF to compile and upload. I know that yours would be just as easy to do if you guys would put some effort into it.

I’ve actually tried to do something like this with local build but I lack the experience to create Atom packages.

It’s not as easy as you might think.

I do agree that a “proper IDE” for Particle would be great to have.

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Particle sent out a survey a few months ago and one of my key requests was to officially support MS visual studio. Intellisense is an awesome feature that is missing in most other platforms. I’m in VS most days and so it is just easier for me.

I’d have to disagree here. ESP32-IDF is very similar to Particle. I got ESP32-IDF integrated into VSC without any trouble. I have several shortcut keys as well to build, clean, flash, and so on. Being that Particle is similar with the command line functionality it too would be no big deal to so the same.

Before anyone asks then why don’t you do it, I had to re-visit a old program I made for a customer to add some features then I’m back out. I only use ESP32 for all my projects now.

I said the heck with it, i want to try it. I spend 15 minutes and got CLI working and flashing a device in VSC.
Later tonight I will create a video showing how to do this, and the files that are needed.

EDIT: here is the link.


Particle Workbench is the answer:

(sorry for not being able to share earlier - still nice work :+1:)