Particle electron rtc VBAT CONFIGURATION

Hello, Looking at the datasheet of the particle electron it says that if you want to work rtc separately then you have to provide separate 3v3 to vbat. yes, what we are trying to achieve is to run the rtc even if the particle electron is powered off. so we provided external 3v3 on vbat. removed resistor which shorts the vbat and 3v3
[solved] How to use VBAT on Electron? which is shown here. but after again power on i am not getting time back it again starts from 944006430 which is 1999 i guess. it means that rtc is not storing any time. is there any other precautions we need to take to rtc work.

There shouldn’t be anything other than that.
However, if it doesn’t work I feel like asking the obvious: Have you also connected GND to your external source?
Vbat can even go as low 1.65V to keep RTC and Backup RAM powered.

Sorry forgot to add ground and just for confirmation any ground pin is fine or just only gnd which is near to vbat. There are two ground pins on the electron. one is near vin and another one near vbat

Nope, any GND should be fine.

To test Vbat you could also try enabling Backup RAM and store some data in a retained variable.
After a power cycle the variable should still hold the previous value. If this is not the case you can file a support ticket at

BTW, just to make sure, this is not a Beta version Electron (~2015/16)?
These suffered of some amnesia issues but there weren’t many of those sold (if any).

Thank you. I will try to test with backup ram and as of now connected it with gnd and now the time retains. Rtc is perfectly working even the power is removed.
No these are not 2015-16. Since we purchase batch of electron of 100 pcs we always get newer versions.
Thank you.